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The Software Development Methodology that StanSource adopts is evolved to be a multi-disciplinary process for developing and delivering effective solutions and is based on the foundation of our people, their determination to succeed and their ability to deliver.


Requirements Gathering: To deliver a truly effective system/application, thorough understanding of your business needs is called for. Our Business Analysts, Development Manager, and Technical Lead take time to dig deep into your business to gain an accurate and through discernment of your application/system requirements in your business context and to determine how best to do it.


User Requirements Specification: Based on the detailed specs foregathered during system study, the User Requirements Specification, which precisely outlines what you are expecting from the system, would be turned out on behalf of your organization or would be received from you

Proposal : The latter step would be to submit you
                   - A Technical Proposal responsive to your needs emphasizing the strengths of your company and,
                   - A Cost Proposal depicting necessary financial information

SRS: The technical specification as to- 'what business, or other requirements must be satisfied by the proposed system and how' -would be detailed herein this sub-phase.

Design : Project Analysts and team leads would study and prepare a strategy blueprint integrating function, process, and industry specific strategies assessing the optimal set of technologies and business models and then design the system, database and control flow.

Development : Developers, would, then set out programming the system as per the studies carried out and the design turned out and accomplish the tasks on hand.

Testing & Debugging : To ensure the system performs as precisely as expected and as accurately as required, tests on hardware and software would be taken up in accordance with a documented test plan, which not only documents what will be tested, but also the expected results. Following the completion of the tests, those that would be found to have failed to meet an acceptable standard would be allocated a severity level. Enabling an objective view, all the errors (bugs) are noted and analyzed and subject for corrections.

Client Review & Acceptance : In order to obtain your acceptance, the system developed and tested would be ready for the client, review.

Implementation Of The Suggested Changes :

The changes, if any, that you would suggest following your review of the system/application, would then be implemented ameliorating the system/application accordingly


Delivery: Finally the system developed to your specifications and expectations would be delivered to you.
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