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As customer preferences constantly change and new technology is continually developed, it is  pertinent to find solutions that best fit the customer.  StanSource's SmartSourcing global delivery model is built on this premise to offer the customer the most suitable and optimal combination of our onsite, offsite and offshore delivery capabilities to provide the best cost and time advantage. 

StanSource SmartSourcing global delivery model provides flexibility for solution delivery.  From infrastructure, connectivity and Project Management Office, we deliver turnkey development, product development and associated services for global companies to leverage resource, expertise and time zone advantages.


  • Periodic training and upgrading of employee skills ensures state-of-the-art solutions as well as employee retention
Project managers and Team Leaders

Business analysts and Quality Assurance Testers

Human Resource professionals

Insurance and Financial services experts

Six Sigma professionals

Database Experts and Systems Analysts

Internet Technology experts, Designers and Developers

Network Administrators and Network infrastructure engineers

Technical Architects Internet, Middleware, Open Systems, etc.

Technical writers and Documentation specialists

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