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StanSource's SmartSourcing global delivery model for Product Development accelerates the creation of your software products, reduce time to market and help to make schedules predictable. With StanSource as your product development partner, you can realize your product vision successfully.

StanSource provides customers with highly skilled teams and world-class infrastructure, we can ensure the quality and reliability of the products we build for you.  Delivering quality products goes a long way in reducing future costs. Our product management and software development processes are aligned with ISO-9001 and SEI-CMM requirements.

StanSource can bring your product from concept to production or we can focus on a problem area and help you navigate the product life cycle smoothly.

StanSource's Product Development Services Include:

  • Software Research and Development
  • Collaborative Product Design and Development
  • Prototyping
  • Full Product Testing Cycle
  • Customization Services
  • Component Design and Integration
  • Documentation
  • Product Support
  • Testing services which span multiple types of testing

StanSource's SmartSourcing global delivery model enables customers to benefit from reduced project cycles and costs by providing:

  • Lower costs without compromising quality
  • Faster time-to-market for your products
  • Focus on strategic priorities such as next generation products
  • Effective management of peaks and troughs at different stages of your product lifecycle

Project managers and Team Leaders

Business analysts and Quality Assurance Testers

Human Resource professionals

Insurance and Financial services experts

Six Sigma professionals

Database Experts and Systems Analysts

Internet Technology experts, Designers and Developers

Network Administrators and Network infrastructure engineers

Technical Architects Internet, Middleware, Open Systems, etc.

Technical writers and Documentation specialists

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