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• StanSource signs a agreement with Verizon FNS arm for a long term relationship, FNS has partnerships & reseller agreements with leading manufacturers that enable them to deliver cost-effective integrated solutions.

FNS has agreements and arrangements worldwide distributing and maintaining communication products in support of voice, data, and secure networks. Stansource look forward for tremendous results out this partnership in the coming years.
• Stansource partnered with ADP which is a best-of-breed software and technology organizations that brings value to their customers and the marketplace. The value ADP is seeking from an alliance is to leverage a partner’s domain area expertise, customer base, product portfolio and brand. Stansource tend to benefit in  partnering with ADP in this direction. The partnership is envisaged to establish Stansource and ADP relationship in  US &  in many other  countries where ADP is operating.
• Recently stansource has signed an agreement with Maryland based company Memasys, Under the hood of Memasys specialization lies an innovative service development platform with proprietary frameworks, a lean service-oriented organization and some of the industry best leadership team that had built over 15 large application management and development centers that are 200 to 2500 FTE strong for Fortune 500 businesses.

Their experience of establishing and managing IT initiatives over the past several years, resulted in success of many projects – captive or outsourced – engaged the kind of model that is adopted very well by the Customer and Service providers.

• Stansource has finalized signing an agreement with VA based company Spinovation, a global management and technology consulting and Solution Company known for their deep industry experience and high customer satisfaction. Spinovation collaborates with clients to provide Management Advisory Service, Strategic Assessment Services with a true value proposition across the organization’s supply chain. For the past five years, Spinovation has worked with a growing list of Federal and commercial clients that count on us for technically sound, highly qualified consultants to staff their projects.

The move into new office
• As StanSource grows in terms of volume of business and employee head count, we moved into a brand new facility to accommodate the growing needs of our business. We are delighted with our excellent Corporate Office and Head Quarters located in the heart of Northern Virginia's business district yet tucked away in a quiet cul-de-sac.

Direct Vendor to Oracle
• We are proud to announce that we entered into a contract with the Software giant ORACLE in July and we are direct vendors for the Oracle Financial Services Software division which is a world leader in providing comprehensive banking solutions ranging from daily retail/ corporate investment banking activities to analytical applications, risk management and anti money laundering and enhancing customer relationship.

Staff Augmentation Contract with NeuStar
• We are extremely happy to announce that we signed a Staff Augmentation Contract with a quiet but dynamic player: NeuStar is a leading provider of essential clearinghouse services to the global communications and Internet industry. NeuStar operates the directories that virtually manages all telephone area codes and numbers, and enables the dynamic routing of calls among thousands of competing communications service providers in the United States and Canada. All telecommunications service providers and communications service providers that offer telecommunications services to the public at large, have to access their clearinghouse as customers to route virtually all their calls. In addition, they manage the authoritative directories for the .us and .biz Internet domains, as well as for Common Short Codes, part of the short messaging service, or SMS, relied upon by the U.S. wireless industry.

Project managers and Team Leaders

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Human Resource professionals

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Database Experts and Systems Analysts

Internet Technology experts, Designers and Developers

Network Administrators and Network infrastructure engineers

Technical Architects Internet, Middleware, Open Systems, etc.

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