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IT security has become a high priority issue today as organizations realize the extent to which their operations can be compromised through improper usage of their own information systems. Our eSecurity practice offers a range of consulting and service offerings to secure your systems from such infringements.

The explosive growth of open systems has contributed to a situation wherein huge amounts of critical data are exchanged over a medium that has minimal protection. A little carelessness, a small loophole is all it takes to compromise the security of your system. A break-in by an undesirable source can cause irreparable damage to your business.

The main thrust of our consulting practice is to advice clients on issues concerning security policy design, application security, information security, operating system security and network security.

Our eSecurity team has undertaken end-to-end consulting assignments for banking, financial services, retail, telecom and companies in other industries. The value we offer to our customers follows from our experience with various domains, technologies and understanding of security:

  • We offer to our customers, an understanding of their particular business
  • An understanding of technology
  • An understanding of the psyche of various user groups for the business
  • An understanding of the requirement that will mitigate, minimize or transfer risk in the IT infrastructure
  • We aid in creating awareness to both management and user groups
  • We maintain subscription to professional institutions for staying abreast of the industry and receiving updates on IT-related threats
  • Our consultants engage in research to create internal knowledge repositories and contribute to the field of information security
  • We engage in researching and creating technology-based solutions that are of specific importance to any industry

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