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Employee Referral Program

To: All StanSource Inc Employees

Re: Employee Referral Policy - Bonus

At StanSource we consider our current employees our greatest resource for the best source of candidates whenever there is a job opening within the company.

StanSource is pleased to offer an Employee Referral Bonus for any employee who recommends a person for an opening, if that person is hired for a full-time position, and if he/she has completed his/her introductory period or is still in the position three (3) months later, whichever occurs first. Assuming the above conditions are met, you will be awarded $500.00, if you referred a non-exempt new hire or $1000.00, if you referred an exempt new hire. The referral bonus will be added to your regular paycheck on the pay period following the new hire's completion of the introductory period or the three (3) month period, whichever occurs first. The bonus does not apply to those recommended prior to the start date of this revised policy nor does it apply to recommending someone who is already employed at this company for a different position within the organization.

To refer an applicant, please contact the Human Resources Department to request an application form. Be sure to put your name on the application form as the person referring the candidate. Please ask your referral to give Human Resources your name (as the referring employee) when he/she is interviewed.

If more than one employee recommends the same person, and that person is hired, the person who made the recommendation FIRST will be the only person to receive the bonus.

Thank you for your cooperation in recruiting the best talent to fill our personnel needs.

HR Manager.

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