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The strength of our Company is its people, working together with a common purpose. At StanSource every employee plays key role in maintaining our reputation for the highest ethical standards. All of our employees, and the jobs they perform, make important Contribution to the company.

At StanSource we are looking for individuals who use their imagination, creativity and initiative to find the best solutions for meeting client needs. We are consistently looking for professionals in following disciplines:
  • Project management and team leadership
  • Business process reengineering
  • Offshore outsourcing of business functions
  • Operating systems and application systems analysis, design and programming
  • Imaging and Knowledge-based systems analysis, design and programming
  • Database analysis, design and administration
  • Desktop rollout and support
  • Infrastructure administration and support
  • Systems security administration
  • Data center and IT facility management
  • RAD, JAD prototyping
Project managers and Team Leaders

Business analysts and Quality Assurance Testers

Human Resource professionals

Insurance and Financial services experts

Six Sigma professionals

Database Experts and Systems Analysts

Internet Technology experts, Designers and Developers

Network Administrators and Network infrastructure engineers

Technical Architects Internet, Middleware, Open Systems, etc.

Technical writers and Documentation specialists

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