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As organizations strive to integrate their business and IT strategies, StanSource application maintenance services help organizations achieve their business goals and objectives, by providing application support and value added services.  Applications must quickly evolve to keep pace with changing business needs, demands as well as shifts in technology.

StanSource's application management services are backed by years of experience, mature processes and robust delivery systems. We do this by building long-term partnerships with our customers.

application management services enable customers in various verticals to:

  • Improve stability and efficiency of mission-critical applications
  • Benefit from SmartSourcing global delivery model
  • Refocus their energies on strategic initiatives by handing over the maintenance and enhancement of business applications to a trusted and reliable partner
  • Improve quality of service
  • Keep up with the latest technologies
  • Reduce total cost of ownership

StanSource's application maintenance and enhancement solutions include:

  • Quick turnaround of service and change requests
  • Preventive maintenance to forestall problems
  • Root cause analysis
  • Planned and phased enhancements to improve performance of applications
  • Helpdesk and production support for problem and incident management

Benefits of StanSource's application maintenance services:

  • Stable and predictable system
  • Reduction in total cost of ownership
  • Improve applications stability and reduced or zero down-time of applications
  • Less cost of maintenance
  • Easy integration with interface applications
  • Resilience to accommodate business changes

Our unique value proposition lies in our ability to:

  • Use global delivery model for application maintenance
  • Use the knowledge acquired in coming up with transformation plan
  • Improve the productivity thus reducing the cost of maintenance

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